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I'd Die For The Moto

Lebanon | 2011

Producer: Aljazeera Documentary Channel

Director: Pierre Abou Jaoude

Duration: 52 minutes


The Lebanese security measure won't stop the drivers from having motorcycles, no sooner this trend draws back ,than it comes back again.Youngmen who do not abandon the idea of appearing and exposing,which represents a good dealof most of the motorcyclists' daily lives . In addition, they cling to the motorcycle that is the least expensive in the consumption of fuel, which can bypass the morning and evening traffic congestion on the streets of Beirut as well, and boast of their weekly challenge participation in the suburbs, where the participants struggle for the most beautiful movement and the maximum speed. In Ouzai region,where youngmen from different regions gather to practice this lethal hobby, they start exposing their extreme talents which lead to death most of the time. It is a nice death since it is preceeded by the motorcycles extacy!
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