At a Glance

Founded in 2007, Road 2 Films is a Lebanese production house specialized in producing educational, cultural, and social TV programs as well as documentaries, fiction films and TV Ads.
Road 2 Films is the continuation of the long experienced path of its founders who have been working since 1995 as independent producers and directors for both Arabic and European television networks.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is built on two concepts: “contemporary programming of cultural topics� for adults, and “education through fun� for kids.
Our commitment is to create high-quality productions distinguished by a profound and innovative approach towards many subjects related to the Arab society and culture.
With an established relationship to T.V. and Film directors, Road 2 Films also encourages the involvement of young and fresh directors and producers, in order to have their talented and innovative voices reach Arab viewers.

Road 2 Films thrives in exploring alternative roads towards new perspectives and dimensions.

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