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Counting Tiles - UNHCR Award at the CineMigrante in Buenos Aires

“Counting Tiles” has won the UNHCR Award at the CineMigrante in Buenos Aires.

We are glad to announce that “Counting Tiles” has won the UNHCR Award at the CineMigrante in Buenos Aires!

In this competition the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) distinguishes the director of the film Cynthia Choucair that best expresses the theme of refugee people from a perspective of promoting respect for cultural diversity and human rights.

The jury members were Fatima Watercress, Analía Kim and Ana Paula Penchazadeh

The documentary shows how the organization of Clowns Without Borders attempts to enter -without success - to the main detention center of the island of Lesbos. The long hours of waiting, the rigorous preparation of work, convictions and dilemmas about their humanitarian function, are essential moments that bring us closer to the deep sense of the solidarity commitment of many civil society organizations today.
The refusal of the authorities to allow the members of the organization to enter the detention center confirms the fact that in recent years, there has been criminalization and dehumanization of asylum seekers: centers that should receive them, welcome them and take care of them for being victims of crisis, persecution and wars, have literally been transformed into prisons. #counting_tiles